News item | 2018-12-20 | 12:07 PM

Supply Chain Workshop Dec 2018

The event on 5th December built on previous output from workshops with local stakeholders in September 2018. The early discussions involving representatives from local government, education providers, business organisations and Vattenfall addressed the question:

“What can we do to support collaborative efforts ensuring Norfolk and the East of England maximise the socio-economic opportunities that Norfolk’s offshore wind energy projects bring?”

An action that emerged from the September session was for a task and finish group encompassing a range of interests to work with Vattenfall to develop the agenda for a Supply Chain workshop.

The workshop discussions, Q&A and presentations all built on and respond directly to many of the points made by participants during the 20th September event. In terms of how key players can prepare in order to achieve “an optimal state of readiness” to capitalise on the opportunities emerging from the offshore wind sector, and how to align with work on some of the solutions that are already underway.

Ongoing concerted efforts will be required by all interested parties to achieve that goal. However, the energy, interest, motivation and desire to collaborate evident during the 5th December Supply Chain Event and 20th September skills and supply chain discussions are indicators that exceptionally positive outcomes can be achieved. 

Workshop Report

Workshop Presentations [high res file]

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