Wind - Power Purchase Agreements

What is Power Purchase Agreement?

A buyer will offer the owner of a generation facility (in this case a wind turbine) a contract to be the off-taker of the electricity output of a given generation site.

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Swinford Wind Farm

Vattenfall Renewables

Vattenfall is 100 per cent owned by the Swedish state and is one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity. One of the key responsibilities of Vattenfall is to promote a sustainable consumption and production of renewable energy in Europe. As a result of that, Vattenfall has become one of the largest wind offshore project developer in the UK. Moreover, only in the continent, Vattenfall has contracted over 1GW of renewables PPAs, this is enough energy to supply over 700,000 homes per year!

Power Purchase Agreements
In the UK, Vattenfall can provide PPA for any wind generator or project developer for sites with a capacity larger than 5MW.

PPAs conditions can vary from generator to generator given its size, technology and location. For this reason, we encourage you to contact us and discuss specifically what are the conditions which need to be satisfied in your specific case. We understand that flexibility is the key to success and that is why our team is available to assist you from the beginning to the end of the PPA process.

In short we can offer:

Long Term PPAs – 15 years PPAs to UK wind developers of both ROC and CFD projects

Short Term PPAs – Annual PPAs for already existent turbines

Fixed Pricing – PPA structures provides the generator ability to fix the power price within the market horizon

Floor Pricing – If required, in respect of the power for the duration of the contract

Licensed Supplier – Contracting PPAs through our UK licensed electricity supplier Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH

Credit Support – Supported by Vattenfall AB which is currently rated BBB+

Track Record – We have contracted over 1GW of PPAs on the continent and several ongoing negotiations in the UK

Bankability – We have experience of working with financed projects and understand the requirements to meet project funding conditions

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Last updated: 2016-02-09 17:21