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Based on the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications 2002/58/EC and 2009/136/EC and subsequent national legislation, you need to give your consent to the website using cookies.

Cookies are small computer files containing text that are stored on your computer so that services and functions will work on the homepage you are visiting, for example when you fill in forms, want to sign agreements or make use of various services. Vattenfall does not use cookies to record personal information and send spam.

Please be aware that parts of the site will not function correctly if you disable cookies.

First-party cookies and third-party cookies

First-party cookies are stored by the website when you enter its URL or click on a link that takes you to the website, such as vattenfall.co.uk.

Third-party cookies are stored by parties other than the party who is responsible for the website. At vattenfall.co.uk, third-party cookies are set by our web analysis and statistics suppliers. 

Session cookies - (temporary cookies)

Session cookies are stored on your computer while you are visiting websites and are removed when you close the browser. Session cookies keep a record of which web browser you are using, which language, the line spacing and the typeface you have chosen.

Temporary cookies on vattenfall.co.uk

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies from Google Analytics, Webtrends Analytics and visitor survey provider E-space are stored when you visit vattenfall.co.uk. The cookies collect data without identifying individual visitors. The analysis programs gives us a general insight into how the website works, and whether it is easy to find information and services.

Google Analytics

Google's tool for web analysis records the number of visitors, the time of the visit, whether the visitor has been to our site before, and which website referred the visitor to vattenfall.co.uk. Information, including IP addresses, are forwarded and stored by Google on servers in the USA.

Cookies from GoogleExpires:
utma After two years
utmb After 30 minutes
utmc When the browser is closed
utmz After six months

Webtrends Analytics

We use Webtrends Analytics to obtain a more in-depth analysis of vattenfall.co.uk. Using the cookies, we can record every part of a form and gain valuable information on how to make the website as straightforward and useful as possible. The cookies stored by Webbtrends Analytics are as follows:

Cookies from Webtrend AnalyticsExpires:
WEBTRENDS_ID After one minute
WT_FPC After 3649 days

E-space visitor survey  

If you have been browsing vattenfall.co.uk for a while, a new window containing a visitor survey will open. Participation is optional – you choose whether to answer questions about your visit and the website. You have the option of submitting your own opinions and suggestions for how the content can be improved. Aside from the survey about the website, E-space also supplies us with information about the number of visitors and why people are visiting our site.

E-space cookies have the following functions:

  • They ask whether you wish to take part in the survey after you have been on the website for a set time.
  • They make sure that the survey doesn't appear every time you visit us.
  • They record the number of visitors.
  • They identify visitors as unique but anonymous individuals.
  • They provide us with statistics and information about the number of visitors and the type of information and services they are looking for on the homepage.
Cookies from E-space:Expires:
guanoo_flash_version When the browser is closed
guanoo_refer_id When the browser is closed
guanoo_site44935_user_id After one year
guanoo_site44935_visit_id After 30 minutes
Sitester_Nth1345 When the browser is closed
Sitester_Referrer1345 When the browser is closed
Sitester_ActiveUserId1345 After ten minutes
Sitester_DelayId1345 After three minutes
Sitester_ExposedDateTimeId1345 After one year
Sitester_ExposedId1345 After one year

Films on YouTube

Vattenfall.co.uk shows films from our own channel on YouTube; there are three cookies set by the program. These cookies scan web browsers and other settings so that the film player is displayed correctly.

Cookies from YouTubeExpires:
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE After 240 days
PREF After 3650 days
use_hitbox (counts the number of film viewers) When the browser is closed

Allow, block or remove cookies?

Most web browsers have settings which allow cookies to be stored, but you can decide yourself whether you want to accept or remove cookies. For instance, you can choose to allow cookies from specific websites. Settings are made in your browser. To remove flash cookies, right-click on a flash object, choose Settings, click the folder icon and drag the bar to set the storage to 0.

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Safari 5.1 (OS X Lion)

If you have any questions about cookies on vattenfall.co.uk, please complete our enquiry form. Select "General information" as your subject.
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