Women in Wind - Chloe Hayes

Chloe Hayes, WTG Contract Manager, Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm

When I was 13 I wanted to be a lawyer or a banker – I didn’t really know what engineering was!

My personal career path

After thinking about the subjects I liked the most (Maths and Physics) I chose to study Mechanical Engineering. I was lucky enough to complete a Year in Industry work placement in the Houses of Parliament as part of my degree. This showed me how many different areas there are in engineering, and I worked on everything from business plans and project management to constructing new electrical substations. After finishing my degree, I completed several graduate consulting placements in engineering and energy, including working for Dubai for 6 months, but I wanted to work more directly in renewable energy – which is when I started working for Vattenfall as part of the Onshore UK Generation team.


What I do now

In my Current role as Wind Turbine Contract Manager, I manage the commercial aspects of the wind turbine construction for Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm. The 11 turbines we are constructing at Aberdeen are currently the biggest in the world and are due to be built mid-2018. 


Why I enjoy it/opportunities ahead

My job is a great mixture of technical and commercial tasks – although my background in engineering is helpful, you could also get into the role through a business related degree. I am getting chartered as an engineer, constantly learning new things, and get to work in a great team of people. I love exploring new places and I get to travel frequently across Europe for work – in the last year I’ve been to 6 different countries for work (and climbed turbines in 4 of them!).

Wind energy is really fun and interesting area to work in, and it’s not just for engineers!

There’s nothing wrong with aiming high - never assume you’re underqualified! Think like a man and #pushforprogress.

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