Women in Wind - Holly Moore

Holly Moore, Project Administrator, Onshore Development

I decided I wanted to be part of the solution to climate change and as a youngster I had volunteered at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales which inspired a passion for all things renewable. I then got a place at Exeter University studying BSc Renewable Energy as was the first woman to graduate from the course.

Holly with her daughter Sapphire

After I graduated I got a job straight away and I never looked back.

I was born in a decade when women couldn’t get a mortgage without the signature of a  male guarantor and sex discrimination was the norm women like my mum just learnt to put up with it. A lot changed in that decade (the 70s!) and since then we have come so far but there are still barriers to overcome it takes time for old ideas to fade away.  

Often the barriers are to do with our subconscious ideas of what it is to be a man or a woman and where we all fit in. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm, the playing field is improving but its not level yet, be brave, if you look around and don’t see that many women it’s because they are on their way and we are waiting for you to join us. Come on girls we got this!

Climate change is the most momentous problem humanity has ever faced. Failure to solve this problem is not an option. We need everyone working on the solution. A united team of men and women working together our best chance

The way business has been done in the western world for generations can be so adversarial. I think it’s an inefficient way to do business, it’s risky and unsustainable. If we are to survive on a planet with finite resources we need to learn to cooperate rather than compete for ever dwindling resources. I think a diverse team is the first step to creating balanced and sustainable business and the only way to be truly successful in business.

Last updated: 2018-11-29 17:07