Women in Wind - Jennifer Munns

Jennifer Munns, Marine Co-ordinator Supervisor.

My way into the industry was not conventual. I took quite a few leaps of faith to get me where I am. 

Sailing started as a hobby whilst I was working elsewhere. Then I decided to study for my Day skipper, Short radio course, STCW’s and eventually my Yachtmaster. I then undertook a sailing challenge of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a 14 metre yacht! USA-Bermuda-Azores-UK. After this adventure I was determined to get a job within the marine industry  and I started looking immediately once I returned to the UK. I saw a marine coordinators role advertised, it was ideal and on my door step, however it was only part-time. I took a chance and applied, when I was offered the position I was over the moon! The challenge did not stop there, a full time position was advertised a few months afterwards for a similar role, again I applied and after a few rounds of interviews I was offered the role! I was absolutely thrilled all my hard work and determination had paid off and taking the part-time role had opened doors!

I always wanted to work within renewable energy but I had no idea of the jobs available or how I would get into the industry. I could see the windfarm from my house so when I saw the part-time role advertised I immediately applied.

Follow your ambitions, take chances, push yourself to learn and study as much as you can, don’t be defeated and look for likeminded people for support. Don’t worry if you feel out of your limits you’ll soon learn and then you’ll be the one teaching others. When I was studying my various marine related courses, I had no idea what job I would eventually get, many of my friends thought I was mad, to them perhaps it was all just a dream; however I had a burning feeling that everything would work out! The main thing is I loved what I studied and now I love the job I have!

Make your dreams into realities by studying and pure determination.  

My Progress has not stopped there. I self-funded myself to study a diploma in Maritime Law. Again people ask me what job or what to plan to achieve with this. The answer is I don’t know (as before) but I want to develop myself and add another string to my bow. So I can offer my company myself as a more skilled and knowledgeable person. So far I have learnt many things that are relevant to my position so every time I pick up that course book I feel more confident.

Last updated: 2018-11-29 17:07