Women in Wind - Sandra Leece

Sandra Leece, Director of Legal, UK

I arrived in a legal career, not through the traditional route of studying law at university but by starting off teaching French, then moving into marketing in the defence industry and surprisingly, through being involved in marketing, I started to have an interest in law.  I have been fortunate to have worked in most continents and have even been involved with a wind farm on Antarctica.

Prior to working at Vattenfall, I worked in a law firm which was fortunate enough to have a large energy-based practice.  This interested me as the world continues to need increasing amounts of secure supplies of energy, and by developing more renewable sources of energy, will assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  I then went on a secondment to a renewable company in New Zealand and following that, the opportunity at Vattenfall arose which allowed me to get closer to the industry.

I would say to anyone of any background, to follow what you are interested in, whatever this may be, believe in yourself and by working hard and persevering you will reach your goal.

Last updated: 2018-11-29 17:07