Invoicing process

We endeavour to improve the efficiency of invoicing flows from our suppliers, not least in an environmental sense, and electronic invoices will soon become standard.

The following points refer to all suppliers who invoice a company or unit within the Vattenfall Group:


Vattenfall has chosen to receive e-invoices via the service provider Basware. We based this choice to give you as a supplier as much flexibility as possible in the choice of solution for e-billing. We accept the most common XML formats on the market and Basware has cooperation agreements with most major carriers.

To get more information and start the journey towards electronic invoicing, you can contact Finance Direct:
+46 8 73 97 300 #4

Paper invoices

Invoices sent to us must not only satisfy the legal requirements but also state the correct reference person and be addressed to the correct company. The ordering number assigned to you when we place our order must be included on each invoice. Most of our companies process their invoices jointly. Use the link on the right to find lists of companies. Correct billing address for the UK, Denmark, Finland and Sweden (with some exceptions):

Name of company
SE-962 80 Jokkmokk

Note that the above applies only to invoices and not to confirmation of orders, offers, contracts and delivery notes as well as other mail items.

Incomplete invoices

Incomplete invoices will not be recorded in our system but returned to the supplier for correction.

Vattenfall regards all invoices as incomplete that lack a reference person or show an incorrect address. This also includes invoices on which reverse VAT is to be applied or on which the supplier's VAT number is not shown on the invoice.

Unit lists

Here is a list of companies and units as well as the corporate unit to which they belong.

Norfolk Vanguard Limited GB235470318 2301 7350058530572
Norfolk Boreas Ltd GB927598176 2390 7350058530718
Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd GB927473303 2380 7381010021975
Pendine Wind Farm Ltd GB918360518 2382 7381010021999
Parc Cynog Wind Farm Ltd GB918360518 2383 7350058530329
Swinford Wind Farm Ltd GB918360518 2384 7350058530336
Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Ltd GB927473303 2385 7350058530022
Thanet Offshore Wind Ltd GB915725321 2386 7350058530039
Pen y Cymoedd Wind Farm Ltd GB918360518 2387 7350058530046
Ormonde Energy Ltd GB927598470 2389 7350058530060
Vattenfall Networks Solutions Limited GB02692708 2393 7350058530664
Vattenfall Networks Limited GB02731769 2394 7350058530671
Clashindarroch Wind Farm Ltd GB927473303  2395 7350058530367
Kentish Flats Ltd GB823821929 2978 7350058530084
Last updated: 2018-10-09 14:37