Procurement policy

Vattenfall is a significant investor in the UK. We are committed to ensuring that our approach to project procurement and investment supports local businesses to enter and prosper in the renewable energy and green job sectors.

Vattenfall will require all contractors to maximise use of local contractors and the development of a local supply chain. This should be written into all tender documents, and will be scrutinised by the project team at every stage.

Early engagement and information

Local businesses have made it clear to us that one of the most important factors in enabling them to compete for contracts on our projects is an early understanding of the opportunities available, our likely contracting strategy and any specific requirements (e.g. accreditations) that are needed.

By working this way, Vattenfall gives companies, especially smaller companies, the chance to prepare for the opportunity in a manageable way and work to ensure that they are competitive.

Reporting and Delivery

We are committed to working to support the industry in the UK. With this in mind, we have implemented a programme of regular reporting from contractors across a number of projects to make sure that we are improving, addressing the gaps, and making sure that we are delivering on our commitments.

This reporting will help us to increase our understanding of UK markets and focus our work across all projects to maximise the opportunities for the UK supply chain, created through our projects.

We work with government, regional authorities and local authorities to support the development of a sustainable, competent, and competitive supply chain in the UK.

Last updated: 2014-10-24 13:29